How to Ride a Dubai Public Bus


Going around Dubai with public buses is convenient and cost-friendly with the many routes available. Wait comfortably as well for the bus to come in the air-conditioned bus stops.

How to ride a public bus in Dubai:

1.  Buy a NOL card.

What Is The NOL Card?

The NOL card is an electronic smart card for paying various RTA transport modes in Dubai. Buy the NOL cards type according to your travel requirements. Check the type details here.

Where to buy NOL cards:

NOL cards can be bought from Metro stations, certain bus stops or from Ticketing Offices, Ticket vending machines, RTA Customer Service Centres, Authorised Sales Agents and Online. Check this link to see specific locations.

Dubai Bus Stop and Ticket Outlet2. Know your origin and your destination

Use the Wojhati journey planner where you type in your origin and destination, and it will quickly provide you what public transport mode options you have. You also get to know the time of travel, duration and fare.

3. Now, it’s time to ride the bus!

Tap your card as soon as you enter the bus.

Sit in designated places where you are allowed. Men should not sit on Ladies Only seats.

Keep track of your location and where you are to get down. When your destination is on the next bus stop, press on the buzzer to let the driver know that you need to alight.

Here are few things to know that would come handy:

–  The toll free number 800 9090 is your quick travel friend if you have questions regarding bus timetables, fares and connecting services.

– Plan your journey using the RTA’s Wojhati, Arabic for ‘journey planner’ service that combines all forms of transport to plan your route in real-time.

–  Students (all nationalities) and senior citizens (any nationality 60 years of age or over) has 50% discount in fares on public transport including buses and the metro. Meanwhile, passengers with disabilities can ride public transport free of cost. To avail the discounts and free fares, these passengers must purchase a personalized Nol Blue card for a one-time payment of AED 70.

– Always scan your NOL card before leaving the bus to avoid being charged the full fare.
– Cost of bus travel: Fares range from Dhs1.80 to a maximum of Dhs6.50 for a single journey, based on zones covered as per the five zones in Dubai.
– Be careful of scanning your card twice while entering as it might mean you have exited.
A sound indicates if you swiped correctly. Meanwhile, a green light flashes to indicate check in and red light flashes to indicate check out.
– You can now top up your card online through the Nol website.

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