Follow UAE Facebook Rules, Avoid Hefty Fines, Jail and Deportation


When in the UAE, be always mindful of how you use Facebook. You may be unconsciously committing a crime that is punishable which may involve a jail term of six months and a fine of Dh150,000-500,000, and even deportation. Here are the guidelines or the Do’s and Don’ts to know regarding Facebook use in the UAE.

Avoid committing these violations:

1.  Avoid posts containing violence.

That includes hate speech, inciting violence, threats, graphic or gratuitous violence

2. Big no to pornography or nudity.

Pornographic and malicious contents are strictly prohibited.

3.  Avoid posting alcohol-related, dating or other mature content applications without appropriate restrictions.

4. Do not tag others in photos or videos without their consent. Apart from consent, provide proper attribution to photos and videos.

5. Do not insult the UAE and its traditions. Observe public morals, including social and moral welfare.

6. Do not mock Islam and its principles.

7. Cyber bullying is a crime in the UAE. Do not intimidate others.

8. Posting a Facebook status that destroys a person’s reputation is punishable by law. Do not harass others.

9. Sharing sensitive information on Facebook is prohibited, this includes anyone’s identification documents or sensitive financial information.

10. When collecting information from others, it must be clear to them that you are doing this and post a privacy policy explaining what information is being collected and how it is being used.

11. Do not upload viruses or other malicious code. Do not do anything that will weaken or damage the proper working or appearance of Facebook.

12. You bear responsibility on what you upload and post. Always keep in mind to abide by copyright or rights of privacy laws when posting materials owned by others.


Facebook has become a staple to every user, connecting friends and families with communication and information. And rules are there to keep it a happy social platform for everyone.


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