Fines when violating rules in using RTA Buses in Dubai


If you visiting Dubai where you will ride the public buses, or when it is your first time to use the public bus in Dubai, it is worth knowing the rules.

Fines from violations range from AED100 to AED500. For one, sleeping in public transports carry a fine of AED300.

Also, for men, always keep in mind to avoid entering or sitting in designated areas for ladies.

Here is the list of what one should avoid when riding the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) public buses.

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Violation with AED 500 penalty

In Dubai, selling Nol cards without prior permit from the RTA is a violation

Violation with AED 300 penalty
  • Sleeping in passengers bus shelters or in undesignated places.
Violations with AED 200 Penalty

The following violations call for AED 200 fine

  • The use of expired, fake, or third party cards
  • Failure to present a Nol Card upon request
  • Not paying the due fare
  • Destroying, sabotaging or tampering with the systems, tools or seats of the public transport modes.
  • Causing inconvenience
  • Smoking
  • Taking hazardous materials including weapons, sharp materials or inflammable.
  • Taking alcohol
  • Selling or advertising inside public transport modes, facilities and services
  • Distracting the public transport driver
Violations with AED 100 Penalty
  • Eating and drinking in a prohibited places.
  • Spitting, littering, or contaminating public transport modes, facilities and services.
  • Entering or sitting in places allocated for specific people inside the bus. (ex. female areas).
  • Opening public buses’ door or leaving it open during the movement between stations or during parking.
  • Carrying or using materials or equipment which may annoy other passengers or may endanger their safety.
  • Standing or sitting on part of public transport modes, facilities and services that is not allocated for passengers use.

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For any update or for a complete list things to avoid in using public buses in Dubai, visit the website. Also, the website would be handy for other public transport information one may need.


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