Dubai Municipality Urges Residents Not to Spread Rumors


How many times do you come across something shared on social media and you can’t say whether it is true and fake?

In Dubai, the Dubai Municipality stepped forward to help residents quash consumer related rumors posted on social media.

Have you come across a rumor? If you do, as a resident, you can contact Dubai Municipality to verify rumors.

Ways to report a rumor:

1.  By Whatsapp: +97150 107 7799
2.  By calling 800 900
3. By emailing

Track the any findings with the hashtag #No_More_Rumors that they post on social media.

Here are some of the rumors. How many of these have you come across?

1. The rumor on the withdrawal of Sadia chicken on Union Cooperative Society shelves

According to Dubai Municipality, the withdrawal of Sadia chicken from the shelves of Union Coop was an internal procedure and has nothing to do with health requirements.

The Municipality assured that it does not spare any effort in maintaining public health and protect the public from any risks.

2. The rumor on mass death of fish due to contamination of UAE waters

The Food Safety Department reassured the public that the rumors on the mass death of fish as a result of the contamination of the UAE sea water are baseless. A dedicated team based at the fish markets and Dubai Ports works round the clock to ensure the safety of seafood.

3. The rumor that the pesticide substance Epichlorohydrin is present in tea bags

The rumor alleged that tea bags contain Epichlorohydrin, an ingredient in pesticides. But Dubai Municipality lab tests debunked the rumor saying that Epichlorohydrin is not present in tea bags.

4. Dubai Municipality tells that the Crocs incident is an accident

A mother posted a warning on the risks of buying “rubber shoes” for children, after her child had an accident that led to the amputation of his toes during the family’s stay in Dubai. Dubai Municipality said that Crocs Inc. is a global company, and there has been no news of the withdrawal of their products from the market worldwide. And that the incident was an accident.

5. The ketchup rumor is a manipulation to confuse the public

After an investigation by the Food Safety Department, the video circulating about the the ketchup was manipulated as there were fake ingredients added to confuse the public.

6. Low grades of food with antibiotics used in restaurants belong to another country

Dubai Municipality debunked the rumor that some restaurants receive low food grades that contain harmful antibiotics in their meat and chicken. It noted that these grades belong to another country. It assured that all products imported to the UAE adhere to strict safety protocols, to ensure they follow the GCC regulations.

7. The plastic rice rumor is a fantasy because it can easily be tested

Dubai Municipality assured  that there is no such thing in the market known as the plastic rice. If anything, should there be a plastic rice, it can easily be detected by sensing or cooking it. When heated, plastic will simply turn into a plastic mass.

So next we see something seeming suspicious on social media in Dubai that affects consumers’ health and safety, we know we can send these to Dubai Municipality to look into. First things first, we help by not spreading rumors.


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