What the UAE Labour Law says about Employing Children


The UAE Labour Law does not allow children below 15 years old to work, unless the provisions of the labour law are followed. The Federal Law No 8, For 1980, On Regulation of Labour Relations provides the guidelines regarding what employing children as follows:

Chapter II: Employment Of Workers Children And Women

Section II: Employment of Children

 Article 20

It shall not be allowed to employ children under the age of 15.

 Article 21

Before employing a child, an employer shall obtain the following documents and keep

them in his personal file:

  1. A birth certificate, or an official extract thereof, or age estimation certificate,

to be issued by a competent medical officer and authenticated by the

competent health authorities.

  1. A certificate of medical fitness for the required work issued by a competent

medical officer and duly authenticated.

  1. A written consent from the child’s guardian or trustee.

Article 22

The employer shall keep at the workplace a special register of children, showing each

child’s name and age, full name of his guardian or trustee, the child’s place of

residence and date of employment, and the job on which he is employed.

Article 23

No child shall be made to work at night in an industrial enterprise. The term “at

night” refers to a period of not less than twelve consecutive hours, including the

period from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Article 24

No child shall be employed on any job that is hazardous or detrimental to health, as

defined in a resolution by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, after consulting

the concerned authorities.

Article 25

The maximum working hours for children shall be six a day, intercepted by one or

more breaks for rest, food or prayer, which shall amount in aggregate to not less than

a full hour. Such break(s) shall be so arranged that no child shall work for more than

four successive hours. No child shall remain at the workplace for more than seven

successive hours.

Article 26

Children shall under no circumstances be required to work overtime, or to remain at

the workplace after their prescribed working hours, or be employed on a rest day.

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