Easy guide to call commands with Etisalat simcard


Here is a quick reference to some commands commonly used when using the Etisalat sim card for mobile phones in the UAE such as inquiring for balance, transferring credits or data.

How to check sim balance/ load Dial 121
How to reach Etisalat support Dial 101
How to transfer credit (Normal) Dial *100*mobile number*amount#

Note: Sender will be charged 5% of the sent amount as transaction fee.

How to transfer data Dial #100*Receiver-Number*Data-in-MB#
or: Dial #100#

• Transfer in multiples of 100MB
• Transfer fees: AED 3/ 100MB
• Maximum of 5 data transfers per month allowed from monthly plans of 1GB, or above
• Transferred data validity is 10 days

How to pay bills by phone Call 101/125 and select “Bill Payment” option
How to activate Call Waiting & Call Hold Activate by: 43#
Deactivate by: #43#

Call waiting is free of charge service, No rental or Subscription fees. Caller pays for the call while it is on hold.

How to activate Call Forwarding Forward All Calls: Activate with *21*05xxxxxxxx#
Deactivate with #21#

– When Busy: Activate with *67*05xxxxxxxx#
Deactivate with #67#

– When No Answer:  Activate with *61*05xxxxxxxx#
Deactivate with #61#

– When Switched off/Unreachable:   Activate with *62*05xxxxxxxx#
Deactivate with #62#

Deactivate All the above ##02#

No Rental or Subscription Charges when activating the Call Forward Service, only usage charges of exactly the same local call rate whether per second billing / per minute will apply based on all forwarded calls.

How to Activate Call Conferencing       *122*2*3*4*2#

The caller is charged the the respective call rate for each person called to join the conference call

Reference:  Etisalat website as of 2017.04.17, please check their website for updates


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