Filipino nurse who “gave her life” to patient received $31M gifts


Hadassah Peri, a nurse of Filipino descent is thought to be the richest private nurse when she received $31 million in gifts from her patient for twenty years in exchange to what she referred to as “giving her life” to her madam, describing her self-sacrifice as extreme. Hadassah said he stayed more hours in her patient’s room for 14 years than she would have spent in her home with her family.

Although she has three school-age children, Hadassah took care of Huguette from 8am to 8pm, 12 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. She wakes up and leaves their house before her children left for school and would return home close to bedtime. And her day off will take several years to come.

Hadassah’s patient is Huguette Clarke, the daughter of then US Senator William Andrews Clark. Mr Clark left Huguette a massive inheritance, as he once rivalled John Rockefeller for the title of the richest man in the US.

In Huguette’s last will and testament, Hadassah was to receive a significant portion of the estate, however this angered Huguette’s relatives and Hadassah eventually renounced her share and even returned $5 million of the gifts she received.

Apart from her gifts, Hadassah has become part of the book Empty Mansions which tells the story of  Huguette Clark.

“Explore the world of heiress Huguette Clark from the No. 1 bestselling book Empty Mansions: 
The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark
and the Spending of a Great American Fortune.”

As to Hadassah, The Guardian wrote:

“Hadassah Peri was born Gicela Tejada Oloroso in May 1950 to a politically prominent and eccentric family in the Philippine fishing town of Sapian. Gicela received a nursing degree before she emigrated to the United States in 1972. Born a Roman Catholic, she had married an Israeli immigrant and New York taxi driver, Daniel Peri, in 1982, converting to his Orthodox Judaism and using the name Hadassah Peri. When she was assigned to Huguette, the Peris owned a small flat in Brooklyn. They had three children born in the 1980s, two boys and a girl.”

During the $300 million Clark estate case hearing, below is one among the videos where Hadassah testified.

Huguette Clark

Huguette Clark as a child with her father US Senator WA Clark (photo from

Huguette Clark1

Huguette Clark as young lady (photo from




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