Camels in Dubai


Tourists who visit Dubai (and even residents too!) when seeing a camel would most likely take a photo of the lovely creature.

Here are some interesting tidbits to share about camels in Dubai:

  1. Where there is desert, there are camels and they remind that the roots of what is now Dubai, the city of superlatives – is that of Bedouins.
  2. Camel races happen during the winter months. One of camel race tracks is found at Al Lisali exit on Al Ain road past Dubai Outlet Mall.
  3. Camel meat are served as camel burgers at Local House, a small cafe at the historic Al Fahidi District.
  4. Camel milk, camel milkshakes and camel cappuccinos, anyone? Grab a drink from a few cafes in the city offering them, like the Majlis in Dubai Mall.
  5. There’s camel milk chocolates too, to bring as souvenirs, from Al Nassma
  6. Yes, there’s a Camel Museum in Dubai, visit it at the Al Shindagha area.

With the tidbits of course are these camel photos:
Camels Dubai

Camels Dubai 2

Reference: Visit Dubai website


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