Health insurance to be mandatory for every Dubai resident


By June 30, 2016, every person with a Dubai residence visa must have health insurance cover. This is in compliance with the Dubai Health Insurance Law No 11 of 2013 that came into effect in January 2014.

In a report from Gulfnews, those without health insurance have a grace period until end of 2016 to comply to avoid being fined.

The last phase of implementation requires that the following need to obtain health insurance by 30th June 2016:

  • All Dubai employees who have not been insured yet
  • All dependents (spouses and children)
  • All domestic workers
  • All elderly residents aged above 60
People who need to look for health insurance cover can visit the DHA website which lists all 46 registered insurance providers in UAE.
 Nine of the insurance providers at the moment are offering the Essential Health Benefit (EHB) package that charges Dh565 to Dh650 for an annual premium of EHB.

Meanwhile, elderly residents who are above 60 years old can now benefit from insurance packages starting from Dh2,500, down from the previous minimum of Dh15,000 for basic insurance.

The EHB package allows an total claims limit of Dh150,000 per year and excludes any coinsurance and/or deductibles. In-patient cover requires approval from the insurance company, and this includes diagnostic tests, treatments and surgeries in authorised hospitals in non-urgent cases.

In 2017, visitors to the emirate will also have to pay for medical insurance before being able to obtain a visit visa.

DHA also offers details on the insurance companies and the packages on offer on its marketplace at the portal





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