Ten Fun DIY Games to Enjoy with Kids


Kids are easy to please. Nobody’s holding you back from buying your children toys. Nevertheless, playing with them and bonding with them over DIY games and toys could create a lasting and more special impact on them.

It’s not hard to think of games you can play with your kids. If you look around your house, you’ll find bits and pieces of stuff you can use for playtime. What’s even better is you can play these games anytime, regardless of the weather. Moreover, you can teach your kids valuable lessons as you work on the games like patience, resourcefulness, creativity, and value of money.

Now you don’t have to think long and hard about possible games you can play with your kids during your downtime. Following is a list of fun games you can enjoy with your kids both indoors and outdoors:

  1. Build-Your-Own-City –  Do you have old newspapers, popsicle sticks, building blocks, boxes, or pillows? You can use these to build a makeshift city. You can also stack building blocks one on top of the other and see who can build the tallest towers.
  1. Treasure Hunt  – Strategically hide goodies in the house and create a treasure map for your kids to decipher. They would get to keep the goodies they find, provided they correctly solve the treasure map.
  1. Puzzles –  Get old calendars, markers, glue, scissors, and cardboard boxes. Have your kids draw anything at the back of the old calendars and glue the drawings on the cardboard boxes. Cut the drawing into puzzle pieces, and voila! Your kids now have homemade puzzles they can enjoy anytime.
  1. Ice Excavation Tower – This game is perfect for younger kids. Freeze different colored treats in a cylindrical tube filled with water. Then, give your kids squeezable bottles or eyedroppers and warm water that they can use to melt the ice.
  1. Balloon Ping Pong – You will need paper plates and large sticks (think large popsicle sticks) for this. Glue a stick at the back of a paper plate (do the same until you have enough “ping pong racquets”) and use the makeshift racquet to bat a balloon or light ball back-and-forth.
  1. Obstacle Course – You need to be very creative to pull this one off, but the good thing about this is you can use practically anything at home to create un obstacles – hoola hoops, strings, buckets, or anything you have in the house. It’s up to you how you would decide to set up the obstacles, perhaps use a spare bedroom or the kids’ playroom, but your goal should be clear from the start – make the experience super fun for your kids!
  1. Hallway Bowling – Do you have empty milk or water bottles? Get about 10 of those and design them to resemble bowling pins. A tennis ball may be used to bring the “pins” down.
  1. Stop Dance – Compile your kids’ favorite tunes in a CD. Play it, crank up the volume of your CD player, and make your kids dance. You have to stop the music every now and then and your kids have to freeze in whatever position they were in when the music stopped.
  1. Tin Can Toss – You can use different sized tin cans for this. Hang them from a solid structure and label each one with a corresponding point value. Winner will be the kid who was able to collect the most points based on the number of items he was able to toss into the cans. Use soft items so they won’t go breaking stuff inside the house – plush toys, beanies, or soft balls.
  1. Memory Game – Sit your kids in a circle. Tell the first kid to say, “In my picnic basket, I packed a…”, making sure he picks out an item on his own (banana, for instance). The kid next to him will then say, “In my picnic basket, I packed a…”, reciting an item of his own and the item the kid before him  chose, and so forth. This is a fun a game especially if the kids forget the sequence of items given.

These are 10 simple games you can play with your children inside the house. These are not only perfect during the rainy or cold seasons but also when you have lots of downtime in your hands. You would not only have fun playing the games but also get the chance to bond with your kids.


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