Basic Photography Guide for Beginners


It is seldom these days seeing people who are new users of camera except probably for kids.  Yet, new user or not, it may be worth reviewing some basic do’s and don’ts in using our cameras which will help maintain in taking great photographs:

Camera Care Do’s

  1. Do read and understand the camera manual.
  2. Be familiar with the SLR/Camera settings.
  3. Regularly clean your camera.
  4. Check the LCD for smudges or dust that causes difficulties in viewing an image from the screen.
  5. Call a tech support if there are some parts of the camera that needs to be fixed. Do not try to force hinges, buttons or dials for it might cause further damage to your camera.
  6. Always turn off the camera before removing or disconnecting from a power source or cable, or even in removing battery and memory card.
  7. To keep your camera dry and free from condensation, keep it in a cool place with packets of silica to prevent condensation. Also, do not forget to remove the batteries.
  8. Using microfiber clothes in applying cleaning fluid in lenses.
  9. Make sure that there are enough UV filter for every lens, it is way easier to replaced scratched lens than replacing an actual lens.
  10. Change into a fast shutter speed to prevent on having blurred photos. Keeping the camera close to the photographer’s body is also a good way of getting a steady capture.
  11. Buy at least 2 to 3 camera bags for the camera and the lenses.
  12. Shoot in a RAW format in case the camera’s white balance or picture style is wrong. In that way it will be easier to edit in the computer.
  13. To have a clearer photo, always press the shutter button half way down to prefocus.
  14. Meeting other photographers is one of the helpful ways of learning new tricks and techniques.
  15. Experiment and play with the fast and slow and shutter speed, styles, editing, and try changing the aperture settings.
  16. Research all about the camera being used and its function. It is also advisable to follow up-to-date technologies and photographers in different social media sites.
  17. Share your work to the rest of the world. Social media is of big help of letting a lot of people recognize your work.

Camera Care Don’ts

  1. Be cautious of the camera being used especially around vibration, magnetic fields, smoke, water, steam, sand, or chemicals.
  2. Do not store the camera in humid, dusty, and dirty places nor store it in extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  3. Do not put the camera lens pointing directly towards the sunlight or even leaving it in a car when it’s extremely humid. This practice might ruin the camera sensor for good.
  4. Do not place the camera in unprotected places where in it might get scratches from hard and sharp objects.
  5. If ever you drop it in water, the next thing to have in mind is a new camera that will replace it.
  6. Do not touch or blow the mirror inside the camera, it will the damage the sensor and it will cost a lot to fix it.
  7. If it’s windy outside, never think of changing the lens of the camera at that certain point because dust might fall inside the sensitive sensor of the camera. Make sure that the body of the camera is facing downwards if there’s a need to change outside.

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