Kids Entrepreneurs Earning their $$Millions$$


When we talk about venturing into business, it’s amazing to know that we can take inspiration from kids as young as five years old who are now earning money out of their business adventures. The common denominator among them it seems is they found treasures in what they love to do.

Here’s a quick view of the young entrepreneurs:

1. Christian Owens

Steve Jobs was his inspiration that made Owens earn his first million at the age of 16. He learned web designing when he was in middle school and started his own design company by age 14. He founded Mac Bundle Box and Paddle. He banked on offering simple and discounted packages to his customers on web development and app development. He earned £600,000 in 2014

Christian Owens

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2. Evan  of EvanTubeHD
At age 5, Evan has a youtube channel with videos of himself making toy reviews and building lego sets, earning him and an estimated $1.3 million annually from the high number of views .

Source: Youtube

3. Adam Hildreth
At age 14, Adam and his friends created Dubit, a social networking site. And by age 16, had $3.7 million in his bank. He went on to create more companies.




4. Cameron Johnson
Young Cameron did so well with the greeting cards he made because his mom asked that he decided to form Cheers and Tears at the age of 11. He posted a whopping $3.2 million in income in 2012. Move over, Hallmark!

5. Moziah Bridges
Fashion-forward Mo didn’t like the ties they sold in department stores, so he designed his own and started selling Mo’s Bows when he was 9 years old. His 2015 income is estimated at $250,000. (Source:

6.Rachel Zietz
Thirteen-year-old Lacrosse player Rachel thought the sports equipment she needed was no good and overpriced besides, so she decided to do something about it. She formed Gladiator Lacrosse, and raked in $1 million in 2015.  (Source:


7.  Ryan Kelly
Ryan loves his dog, so he decided to make Barkley’s day by making him wholesome doggie treats. Barkley loved it so much it sparked an idea in the 11-year-old’s head to start selling it, and Ryan’s Barkery (now Ry’s Ruffery) was born. Ryan made $350,000 as of May 2015, and he’s already thinking of expanding! (Source:

Not all of these kids are millionaires, but considering their tender age, the fact that they are even making a profit from their businesses is amazing in itself. While some on them are a comparatively ancient 14, it is still inspiring. What were you doing at 14?

You, too, can cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in your kids. Learn to support, and to listen to their ideas. It may just be the next best thing. Even if it isn’t, it will give your child a sense of security and confidence they will carry for the rest of their lives. What better success can there be?


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